Admissions and Registration

Registration requirements

  • Affiliated and non-affiliated institutions may send their applications from the moment the academic program information is published
  • Choosing the academic activity of their interest at Academic program
  1. Register online
  2. and attach the following documents in PDF format:
    • Application letter signed by the competent authority, addressed to the Director of the CIESS, Mr. Reginald Thomas.
    • Transcript or proof of last academic degree obtained
    • Curriculum vitae (resume – two pages maximum)
  • It is imperative to send the full documentation in a single delivery; if a document is missing, the application will not proceed.
  • Confirmation of acceptance from the CIESS, which will be sent within 8-10 working days by email.
  • Payment of the fee of the activity or confirmation of the awarded scholarship, if it is the case, before the start of the activity.
  • In the case of blended diploma courses, access keys will be sent two days before the start of the activity via e-mail, provided that the participant has covered the full payment.
  • Payment of the teaching materials fee.


  • Participants must carry out in advance the migration procedures in their countries of origin for the duration of their stay at the CIESS (Mexico City). For this purpose, it is recommended to go to the Diplomatic Representation of Mexico in their countries.


Telephone: (+52 55) 5377-4740

For one-week courses on compound:

Client type Didactic material Accommodation and tuition Total
Members 250 USD 450 USD 700 USD
Non-members 250 USD 660 USD 910 USD

For blended learning diploma courses:

Client type Didactic material Accommodation and tuition Total
Members 310 USD 660 USD 970 USD
Non-members 310 USD 945 USD 1,255 USD

Payment methods

  • Bank transfer.
  • Credit card and/or debit card payment (Visa, MasterCard, except American Express).
  • Once the deposit or electronic transfer is made, the proof of payment shall be sent to the following email addresses:,, specifying the name of the academic activity and the name of the participant.
  • In case of cancellation of the registration by the institution and/or student, completed payments will NOT be reimbursed or transferred to another course.


Affiliated institutions:

Taken from the Financial Bylaws of the CISS Title VII. Scholarships

Article 21 The scholarships of the CIESS cover tuition, training, lodging and food when the academic events take place in its headquarters. They do not include teaching materials.

Article 22 Holder members who are current with their payments will be eligible for a hundred per cent (100%) scholarship and an additional fifty percent (50%) scholarship in each of the academic events of the annual program of the CIESS held in its headquarters.

Article 23 Associate members and adherents who are current with the payments of their fees are entitled to a total of five (5) hundred per cent (100%) scholarships and five (5) fifty per cent (50%) sholarships for the events of the annual program in its headquarters.

Associate members and adherents can choose to use two (2) hundred percent scholarships (100%) and one (1) fifty per cent (50%) scholarship instead of the five (5) fifty per cent (50%) scholarships, that is, a maximum of seven point five (7.5) scholarships in total.

Article 24 The members who are not current with their dues can send participants to academic events paying their fees in full.

The CIESS offers accomodation and food services in its facilities.


Participants can use the accomodation service 24 hours before the start of the activity and up to 24 hours after the end. The use of this service beyond this period depends on the availability and the payment by participants themselves.

Accommodation for participants of the activities of the CIESS will be in double rooms, including those holding a scholarship. In case of requiring a single room, a change may be made depending on availability and the payment of the corresponding cost.

Meet our facilities:

See facilities


For those staying at the CIESS, the food service starts with the dinner of the day before the start of the activity and ends with the breakfast of the day after the end of the activity.

NOTE: If participants come with companions, they must cover the costs for the services used.

NOTE: Participants requiring additional lodging and food services must request them and make the corresponding payment directly through the following email address and phone number:

Telephone: (52-55) 5377-4700

Participant Support Services:

  • Library. Open from 9:00 to 17:00 hours, Monday through Friday. The library offers the following services: online catalog, interlibrary loan, monthly newsletter about new acquisitions, exchange of information in print or electronic formats, and sale of publications, among others.
  • Cafeteria. This service is contracted, so any purchase shall be covered by participants.

The CIESS does not offer airport pickup service, so we suggest:

  • Taking authorized cabs. “Benito Juárez” International Airport has dedicated modules to hire this service. The approximate commute cost ranges from US$19 to US$25. It is convenient to bring with you small-denomination dollar bills, or $350.00-$450.00 Mexican pesos.
  • There are also modules of authorized cabs in bus terminals.


  • You can give the driver the following references: go to “glorieta de San Jerónimo” (San Jerónimo roundabout) on Periférico Sur and take Avenida San Jerónimo. On this avenue you will see “La Mansión” restaurant and “Pasaje San Jerónimo” shopping center. After these establishments, at the first traffic light (Calle San Ramón) turn right and, before the end of this street you will see the forecourt of our facilities with various flags, and that is the main entrance to the building.
  • At the reception area of the CIESS, you will find staff 24 hours a day for check-in. There you will be given the information of the classroom where your activity will be held.