Fourth edition of the Masters in “Advanced Social Security Studies” in conjunction with Pablo de Olavide University begins

Fourth edition of the Masters in “Advanced Social Security Studies” in conjunction with Pablo de Olavide University begins


October 1st, 2018, Mexico City.- This morning, the first in-house phase of the Masters course in Advanced Social Security Studies was opened at the headquarters of the Inter-American Centre for Social Security Studies. This is the fourth edition of the course and is being carried out in collaboration with Pablo de Olavide University of Seville, Spain.

Among those present at the ceremony were Reginald Thomas, CIESS Director; Alfonso Zoreda, CIESS Technical Administrative Coordinator; Luisa Mayo, Secretary General for the Office of Labour, Migration and Social Security at the Spanish Embassy in Mexico, Santiago Gonzalez Ortega, Director of the Masters course and representative of Pablo de Olavide University; Fernando Elorza, Coordinator; Raquel Abrantes Pego from Brazil and Sergio de Prete, from Argentina, both of whom are lecturers in the Master’s course.

In this fourth edition of the course, five countries from the America’s sent representatives: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico and Uruguay.

The ceremony was led by Alfonso Zoreda who began by presenting the presidium and gave a few words of thanks to the participants.

For his part, Reginald Thomas, during the speech said that he felt honoured for the opportunity to present the Masters since it is one of the most relevant of the Centre’s activities. Apart from pushing the students to enrich their learning in order to impact significantly the implementing of public policies which will strengthen social security.

Luisa Mayo, who was at the event representing Juan Lopez Doriga-Perez, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Spain in Mexico, said that “it’s no surprise that authors have said that social security is the 20th Century’s greatest invention and that it is thanks to this invention that we build a better future with more just societies, which is why the Masters course is well worth the while and contribute to the development of social security and thereby a better future”.

Santiago Gonzalez recalled during his remarks reading a book where the causes of 16th Century poverty were discussed and that from that time forth it was always understood that protecting the most needy was a matter of fairness and therefore a central principle was needed: solidarity. In his own words, he said that, “social security only exists if there is a pact of solidarity and a political and social window which allows its development alongside public authorities”

The Director of the Masters concluded his speech saying that “if social security were to sink, the societies themselves would collapse, for that reason the Master’s justly serves to be aware of the political value of social security”.

Finally, Santiago González also expressed on behalf of the Dean of Pablo de Olavide University, Vicente Guzmán Fluja, his wishes and willingness to continue collaborating together on this and other activities.

The first in-house phase will close this Friday with a recognition ceremony and then continue with an online phase that will end on February 10th, 2020. The second in-house phase will be held at Pablo de Olavide University in Seville, where students will defend their Masters theses. This will take place between March 2nd and 6th, 2020.

As part of this week’s activities, next Thursday, October 4, the official presentation of the book “The Social Benefits of Guaranteed Income in the Ibero-American Region” will take place. This work brings together pieces from nine authors who conducted various research in the framework of the Master.