Managerial Skills Development: Concepts and Tools


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Start date

MARCH 2019


24 hours

Required commitment

6 weeks, with a minimum investment of four hours per week.


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Institutions require leadership in the hands of highly qualified and committed professionals that have global vision and have up to date know-how about administrational, financial, and information management tools. In order for decision-makers to obtain or fortify leadership skills, allowing them to work to the benefit of the people to whom they are providing services.

It should be highlighted that decision-making at the leadership level has a heavy impact on the organisational result. This is why it is important to fortify staff knowledge, abilities, attitudes and experiences in accordance with their profession and position. Developing and strengthening leadership abilities for decision-makers allows them to work on behalf of the population to which they provide their services.

Participant profile

Administrators, middle management, and staff aspiring to implement managerial decision making within public and private organisations.

General Objective

Promote a work scheme that allows for the participant to understand, learn and implement modern successful leadership in the organisational sphere.

Analyse the organizational development strategies necessary for the performance of managerial functions at the institutional level.

Identify, analyse and evaluate the stages and elements that make up the managerial functions for better strategic planning.

Analyse the importance of quality to improve the administration process based on problems and evidence.

Evaluate organizational development as a tool for change in institutions.

Overview of evidence based administration

Strategic Planning

Elements and components of leadership

Leadership abilities: leadership, decision-making

Foundations of accounts, finances and budgets

Organisational development


Educational methodology

In order to promote the development of competencies in students, the CIESS’s digital sphere is focused on the interactive communication and learning of our membership; within this space we have installed an educational resource facilitator in accordance with the academic planning, whereby we are able to create an environment that helps in knowledge building with resources such as: questionnaires, videos, illustrations, virtual discussion sessions, and reinforcement lessons etc.

Course Outline

Evidence Based Administration

Objective: Understand the importance of the scrupulous, explicit and judicious use of the best current evidence to make decisions in the organisational sphere.

  • Topic I. Evidence based management
  • Topic II. Strategic planning
  • Topic III. Management

Managerial Staff Skills

Objective: Understanding strategic planning and being aware about the importance thereof in order to have proper management

  • Topic I. Decision Making
  • Topic II. Leadership
  • Topic III. Team Work
  • Topic IV. Communication
  • Topic V. Ethics

The Foundations of Accounting and Finance

Objective: Understanding the basics of accountancy and finance for greater understanding of financial elements commonly dealt with within an organisation.

  • Topic I. Basic principles of finance and accountancy
  • Topic II. Costs, budget and money value

Organisational Development and Quality

Objective: Understanding the characteristics and importance of good management. Draw up an objective on organisational development and quality.

  • Topic I. Organisational development
  • Topic II. Organisational culture
  • Topic III. Care quality

Content author: Academic Department of the Centre in cooperation with specialist on the topic.

Course methodology

The first block will be enabled on the start date of the course.

For the review and optimal understanding of the contents, at the end of each topic you will find the material in downloadable format.

To enable subsequent resources or topics, you must ensure you have finished up with the previous module

Before sitting the module assessment, your participation in the forum will be essential; this can range from the posting questions or comments; or, giving feedback on comments from other users

At the end of each resource in the module, the final evaluation will be enabled, which you must pass with a minimum of 7.0.

At the end of the 4 modules that make up this course, you must complete and pass the final evaluation, which will allow you to download your participation certificate

The timing for downloading the certificate will be timed


At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of participation endorsed by the Inter-American Centre for Social Security Studies.


  • Passing the final exam with at least an 80%
  • Comments and participation in forums for each module