To provide, with professionalism and efficiency, a solid foundation for the strengthening of social security institutions in the Americas through the training of highly qualified human resources, research, and the dissemination and implementation of assistance programs.


To continue being an academic forum where, within a framework of trust and respect for aspirations, the social security systems are analyzed so as to have elements to guide and advise decision-makers at the national level.


Since the creation of the Inter-American Conference on Social Security (CISS) the affiliate institutions were concerned with having the deal means to train, prepare and guide its staff; hence, the repeated recommendation to the Conference and its executive body, the Permanent Inter-American Committee on Social Security to look for mechanisms that would aid towards achieving said purpose. Specifically, four resolutions of CISS are directly linked to the creation of the CIESS.

Resolution CISS No. 34, approved in 1951 during the Third Inter-American Conference on Social Security, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This resolution recommended that CISS promoted for and before the social security institutions of America, professional technical assistance and education, as well as, periodical and alternate exchange of highly skilled administrative staff, in such a way that they could obtain a better practical knowledge on the American social security organization, methods and systems.

Resolution CISS No. 51, resulting from the V General Assembly of CISS, held in Caracas, Venezuela in 1955, it addressed training for social security professionals in three key areas: recruitment, training and adaptation of professionals to the social security goals. It recommends providing facilities to professionals in terms of training courses, while also fostering the technical assistance of international organizations.

Resolution CISS No. 55, approved in 1960 during the Sixth Inter-American Conference on Social Security (Mexico City) suggested the creation of a training center for the American countries, while also proposing special methods for its operation foreseeing technical advice from international organizations.

Resolution CISS No. 58, was also approved in 1960 in Mexico, and the resolution addresses the creation in Mexico of an Inter-American Center for Social Security Studies, whose operation would be entrusted to the Inter-American Permanent Committee on Social Security supported by the Mexican Social Security Institute.

In compliance with Resolutions 55 and 58, the Mexican Social Security Institute projected and built the CIESS premises, providing them with an architectural space appropriate for studying: auditorium, classrooms, simultaneous translation equipment, audiovisual support, library, as well as, lodging space for students.

This, in March 19, 1963, the President of Mexico, Adolfo Lopez Mateos, inaugurated the Inter-American Center for Social Security Studies.

Representatives from several international organizations reiterated their faith in the CIESS future, and expressed the collaboration will of their respective organizations for the best conduction of the Center tasks; this is the case of Mr. Luis Alvarado, General Director of the International Labour Organization (ILO); Mr. Leo Wildman, the Secretary General of the International Social Security Association (ISSA), Mr. Beryl Frank, representing the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), and Mr. Raul Cantuarias, Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Also, the Commissioner from the Social security Administration from the United States of America expressed the decision to closely collaborate with CIESS, as he is firmly convinced that one of the most practical ways for contributing to the economic and social progress in the continent is to strengthen social security. The delegations present at the XI Meeting of the CPISS, the II Meeting of the Social-Medical, Organization and Methods Regional Commissions in the Americas, and the XV Meeting of the Directive Table of the ISSA, expressed their best wishes for success of the so-called Constitutive Act of the CIESS.