Social Security Oriented Risk Management

Social Security Oriented Risk Management

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Format: Face to face course

Language: Spanish / English

Level: Specialised

Duration: 40 hours


Workers or mangers at social security related institutions and academia interested in the topic.


  • Understand the relationship between general administration and risk management.
  • Understand the risk management process.
  • Recognize the various mechanisms for risk identification
  • Identify ways to treat risk
  • Illustrate on the establishment of programs for risk management.
  • Identify technical methods for the formulation of risk management programs.


Risks, if materialized, can cause financial weakness, operational ineffectiveness, poor services or products provided by the institution and the image it projects to the public. Therefore, guidelines but be established in order to determine the magnitude of such risks, instructing middle management to implement internal control mechanisms to prevent, mitigate or deflect risk in order to cut down on their effects.


With risk understood to mean the likelihood of some random event which would bode ill for the person entity to which it occurs, it is implied that social insurance is not exempt from such events as could put its financial viability in jeopardy.

Once the risks have been identified, social insurance would be in a position to implement preventive measures to contain or lessen the severity of their financial impact, were such risks to materialise.


  • Social security and social insurance.
  • Introduction and Fundamentals of Risk Management
  • Recognize the various mechanisms for identifying risks.
  • Identify ways of dealing with risks.
  • Teach about the establishment of risk management programmes.
  • Identify technical methods for the formulation of risk management programs.


Officials with good quantitative skills that are seeking to combine technical skills, quantitative research and intelligent risk strategies with financial intuition.


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