The course “Population aging and its impact on social security systems” begins

This Monday, 28th of May, marks the beginning of our “Population aging and its impact on social security systems” course in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This activity is the first of the year to take place outside the Centre’s headquarters in Mexico City, and was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the National Social Security Administration of Argentina (ANSES).

The course has the participation of 57 officials, representing 17 institutions from Anguilla, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic.

During the week, we will count on the presence of great experts in the field such as Estela Altalef, from the Mutual Association Agents of Agencies for the Elderly (AMAOTE); Juan Carlos Molina, from the Elderly Clotario Best Foundation of Chile (FAMCB); Jurilza Ma. Barros, from the Ministry of Finance of Brazil; Carlos Grushka from ANSES; Roberto Gómez, of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Argentina (MTESS); Valentín Vargas, from the Inter-American Conference on Social Security (CISS) and Sergio Daniel Cassinotti, from the National Institute of Social Services for Retirees and Pensioners (PAMI).

Under their guidance, participants will address issues around demographic transition, healthy aging, indicators of social security systems, among others that will help them to better understand the subject and take action within their institutions.

The course officially opens this morning, in a ceremony at the offices of the ANSES which will be presided by Dr. Juan Carlos Paulucci Malvis, Secretary of Social Security, from the MTESS of Argentina; from ANSES, Mr. Emilio Basavilbaso, Executive Director, and Mr. Patricio Piffano, General Director of Institutional and Community Outreach, and from the CIESS, Mr. Reginald Thomas, Director, and Mr. Alfonso Zoreda, Technical Administrative Coordinator.

The activity is proof of the efforts of the CIESS to bring training to all of its members and strengthen ties through these actions.