The Governance course concluded


March 16 th 2018, Mexico City.

During this week, at the CIESS headquarters, high-level experts presented several topics on governance in health and social security institutions in the frame of our “Governance” course. The academic activity, that ended today, was developed under an interactive dynamic that fostered the exchange of experiences of participants from 14 countries and 18 institutions in Latin America and the English-speaking Caribbean.

Dr. Luis Fernando Aguilar Villanueva, acknowledged throughout the continent for his contributions to the discipline of public policy, was in charge of the course and developed several topics, of which the general rules and best practices for the good governance of public entities.

Also, Dr. Juan Manuel San Martín, from the University of the Americas in Puebla, participated with a presentation on the topic of corporate governance.

Likewise, María Arizmendi González, National Users Orientation & Complaints Coordinator of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), approached the subject of good practices in service culture for beneficiary care.

The activity also counted with the interventions of Vilma Morales of the Honduran Institute of Social Security (IHSS); Janry González of the Life Insurance Society of the National Magisterium of Costa Rica; Anisabel Salto of the Social Security Institute of the Armed Forces of Ecuador (ISSFA); Elvin Bailey of the Social Security Board St. Kitts and Nevis and David Matthias of the Antigua & Barbuda Social Security Board (ABSSB); who approached the challenges currently faced by their institutions and how they have managed to overcome them.

During the last day, the CIESS Director, Reginald Thomas, gave a keynote presentation on the role of management in health and social security institutions, and addressed the administrative components and guidelines to achieve good management.

In the closing ceremony, the CIESS Director, gave a very encouraging speech in which he emphasized the importance of studies in governance and invited the students to put a strong effort in their institutions to enrich their role as providers of social security.

He also stressed that, “on March 19th , the CIESS will turn 55 years old, therefore we need to change in order to properly respond to the needs that you have, that is why I give you my word that I will work with each one and everyone of you in order to meet these challenges and favor the social security in the hemisphere “. Finally, he thanked all the participants, “on behalf of the entire Board of Directors of the Center, for successfully completing the course and I wish them the greatest success in their institutions to continue exchanging experiences that enrich social security.”

The participants emphasized that the course was a very important piece for their professional training regarding management, leadership, administration and governance, as well as for the projection and development of social security both in their institutions and throughout the Americas.